DANA BRIGHT is an enchanting, funloving songstress. She has been a singer since she is 19. She co-operates with different dance/pop producers.

In 2004 DANA released her first Dance-Album with Deepspace. The different dance tracks like Summer Magic, You’re My Sunshine, Pata Pata, Funky Town, Rainbow Dance, Hyper Dance, Push Me… were released on different Popmusic CD’s. The female music artist also performed her songs to audience by making  a show tour.

Since 2011 DANA has been working together with WILDCAFE.  They love the same music. WILDCAFE makes great music from POP, HOUSE to TRANCE. The secret to their success: A cool beat, a distinctive, catchy tune and the unabashed openness, wit and frivolity they use in dealing with the subject.
DANA does the lyrics and is also the singer and show member of OCTOPUSSY MUSIC NIGHT.